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 Hello, and Welcome to the new Macabre! we're still busy working on getting more short horror fiction, links and adding new sections.

Please, If you can spare one un-puplished short horror story, send it to Macabre Realms.


Macabre Realms latest aquisitions and additions.....

"The Beast In The Cave" by H.P. Lovecraft
A story by HP Lovecraft

"Blood Psalm" by Jake Gallo
A priest battles vampires with his holy shotgun.

"Cadaverton" by Bob Schmalfeldt
By the time he reached St. Boniface's Cemetery on the western edge of town, the sun was hovering just over the horizon. Alan paused and looked at the cemetery gate: the wrought-iron monstrosity with the giant arch which proclaimed that We Shall All Rise Again.

"Ollie and the Monster by Joe Knetter
Residents of a small town turn into monsters.

"Mr. Bails" by Gregory M. Thompson
In this world some things are better left to rot.

"The Cage" by Joseph Moore
Claudia an aspiring darkwave Dj comes to the rescue of body builder and saves his soul.(muscle beach will never be the same)

"Onward Marched the Silver Knight" by Barbara C.B. Steele A young boys realization that the light in the sky and the horror below equals the end of his life?

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